Thanks for stopping by the MICHR Recruitment Toolkit. Here, we try to address the business of clinical research recruitment.  Or, at least our attempt at improving it.

We started this site with a few simple premises in mind. First, clinical research recruitment is a complex issue with many smart people working on it from different angles (and industries). We hoped that this site might be a place where people could swap and share approaches, ideas, best practices, or pose challenges. At the very least, we thought we could share with you what we’re doing to address the needs and barriers in clinical trial recruitment, retention, and in particular, building awareness.  Second, we wanted to work in a transparent manner to incorporate input and analysis in all stages of our work.  Third, we are interested in understanding what motivates people to contribute to improving clinical research (whatever the role).  From the participant to the researcher/provider and everyone in between – the teamwork is essential, and we think that it is through these partnerships that we’ll build a better – more efficient – clinical research trial process. After all, it’s always helpful to know what brings people to the table – and what’s likely to keep them engaged.

At the heart of it, we believe that it takes the expertise and knowledge of dedicated individuals to improve the quality of clinical health research in order to produce outcomes that measurably benefit the health of local communities.

As such, look to this site to see discussions about the different angles/aspects of clinical research recruitment – including new approaches, business ventures, and anything innovative we can get our hands on. Likewise, we will also bring ideas and published articles or essays from leaders (and future leaders) in this field. All of these are intended to start new conversations, and inspire new ideas. Welcome!

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